From The President:  15 April 2014 For you club members that have not gotten out of the house lately or you are a Corvette owner looking for some extra curicular activities, check out what our club has done so far this year.  I mentioned these Monday night to those attending our monthly meeting, but most attendees were at some of these events anyway. We have had Bingo night, cruised to Fall Creek Falls, cruised to Burgess Falls, worked at the Hermitage and attended AutoFest and Hunters car shows. Coming up we have Kars for Kids, our spring Autocross at the Nashville speedway, car shows almost every weekend for the entire summer, our club car show, a huge picnic and who knows what else will be scheduled. Come out and join us as an existing member, a visitor or a new member. Don,

 3 April 2014 Karen and I (along with Ralph and Virginia Bacue) made a trip to the museum yesterday.  We wanted to see the cars they had removed from the sink hole.  It is quite a spectacle to see all that is going on.  Two of the cars still look pretty good, but the rest are quite a mess.  I wonder how much of each car will be original after GM has completed the restorations.  If you can, make the trip.  I understand the cars will be on display until sometime in August.  Plus, there were ten or so new cars on display for delivery and then another six or so in the garage area being cleaned up.  A very unique “car show”. Don,  Here are the pictures from  Thanks, Brian and Butch of Fall Creek Falls TourFall Creek Falls

  26 March 2014 Larry (son-in-law) and I made a day trip last weekend to the Corvette Expo in Sevierville.  This is becoming an annual trip for just the guys.  Was again a good show with a lot of cars inside for trophy competition, an auction of around 60 cars, a huge outside cruise-in display of cars and many vendors selling basically anything you may need for you car.  We talked to two of our club members that were also attending.  The show is basically the same each year, but it is different enough that you want to keep going back.  If you can schedule it, there will be another one in the fall.  Hope to see you there. Don, 


17 March 2014, As I am sure you have noticed, our membership numbers are climbing each month.  I mentioned my first meeting as president that it does not take a huge membership to have a great club.  It just takes great people like we have in the club.  There are a lot of Corvette owners out there that probably do not know we exist as a club.  Make sure you have some of the information cards with you that I mention at each months meetings to give out when you have the opportunity to “sell” our club to a stranger driving a Corvette.  But, I guess as one Corvette owner to another, none of us are strangers.Don,  Check out this from Fox News and Thanks to Glen Seigenthaler New Z06 Corvette  http://video.foxnews.com/v/3049576251001/the-new-king-of-corvettes/?intcmp=obnetwork#sp=show-clips

This is official from the President.  Forget the Groundhog.  Spring is here and I have four specific reasons why.  One, there have been two car shows so far this year:  Auto Fest and Hunters.  Two, I just got back from the first (local to me, Missouri) Antique Auto Auction of the year.  Three, we have our first autocross to look forward to in the very near future.  And four, the weather is absolutely beautiful.  Almost convertible weather.  Now what could be better than this for a Corvette owner? Don,  9 March 2014

Take a few minutes this week and review our club website.  George has made some changes that have made it easier for us to keep up with all that is happening in the club.  I started reviewing the site a little closer after becoming club president.  There is a wealth of information there.  Just go down through each label and see all the information you can get on activities, status of points, member / car information and numerous other items of interest.  For you that missed Bingo night, those attending had a great time and raised some money for charity.  Check out the “events calendar” and sign up for the upcoming cruise to Fall Creek Falls.  I’m sure that will be another fantastic day of fun and fellowship.  Don,  3 March 2014

Whether you enjoy cruising down the back roads, shining up for a car show, or hitting the track, our club will suit all your needs! With over 200+ members, The Nashville Corvette Club is the largest in the Southeast Region.

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