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Whether you enjoy cruising down the back roads, shining up for a car show, or hitting the track, or turning a wrench on a big block, our club will suit all your needs! 



For The President: Winter’s Grip is Gone 

With tax filing date now behind us, it looks like we have reached the point where the weather has stabilized and we can enjoy the open road’s and race tracks.  The news has recently been dominated with snow storms, earthquakes, flooding and wild fires. Our heartfelt thoughts go out to the people affected in those regions of the country.  Luckily the weather in our area is now perfect for events.   Our largest obstacle seems to be the occasional rain shower or pollen blanketing everything.  It’s perfect for playing in the coolest cars on the planet – our Corvettes! 

Our 1st quarter Charity donation was a $500 gift to “Operation Stand Down” benefiting veterans having difficulty adjusting back to civilian life.  Eighty-seven cents of every dollar helps our local veterans accomplish their new mission in life; a job, a fresh start and training for productive wage earners. 

The Coke Tire Museum cruise and the NCC Spring Autocross were both very successful and memorable events.  The Autocross drew competitive drivers from hundreds of miles away plus our local talented drivers.  What fun events

The NCC Cruise to the Keeneland Race Track in Lexington, KY will also be a fun filled weekend with approximately 30 members making the trip.  America’s race cars visiting a thoroughbred horse track – a perfect match.  Yes, we had lots of fun in April.

 Dave Logue

NCC President


  We had one great weekend with lots of members coming out to our first Spring Autocross events Saturday and Sunday April 9th and 10th. Thanks to all the Workers and Drivers who shivered with us on both mornings waiting for the beautiful sunshine that occurred right on time for the Fun Part, "Corvettes doing what Corvettes and Corvette Owners love to do"! We did some really quick "Precision Driving:" at the Beautiful Twin Fountains Raceway Park! Martin Workman made contact with a photographer, Don Mitchell of, Here is a link to a web page and You can read Don Mitchells story about Nashville Corvette Club here:

To See all the picture Don took with his very nice camera follow this photo bucket link

Thanks Martin for the hook up! We will post more photos as the membership send them in please enjoy! GJK


 Optimism for 2016

It would be an understatement, to say the least, that I am very optimistic about what lies ahead this year for the Nashville Corvette Club for 2016.  The overall successes of the Valentine’s Day Cruise and the Lane Museum Cruise were just a warm up.  The attendance levels at the Board and Membership meetings are another prime indicator of the energy level of our club.  I don’t want to appear to be naïve, but there is no science to the obvious, just a general sense. The total success of the "Purses and Bags for the Homeless" was a true indicator of the generosity and charity that resides in the hearts of our club.  One hundred thirty of Nashville’s most needy will be the recipients of the NCC’s generosity. The Catfish Cruise to Ashland City was another successful event.  Twenty-three cars of club members enjoyed the cool cruise and hot catfish on March 19th.  You can’t argue with cool weather, hot Corvettes and hot catfish. Our next big event will be the two day Southeast Region Auto Cross Hosted by NCC.  To date, 19 drivers have registered for the April 9 & 10 event with 2 more drivers registered for one day with the potential of even more drivers who have verbally committed for the event.  Workers and drivers earn points for the Club at this event. We will close out April with a 3 day cruise to Keeneland Horse Track on April 22-24.  Makers Mark Distillery and Lincoln’s birth place will be memorable stops on the way to Keeneland. I think you will agree with my optimism for 2016 with these events already scheduled for the year.

 Dave Logue


Nashville Corvette Club


As promised at the annual Christmas Party last year, 2016 events are coming fast and furious with something for everyone.  Probably the most difficult thing we are all dealing with is which events to participate in.  After all, they are all fun!  2016 will be very busy, but there are a couple of things mentioned in the last club meeting on Feb. 15th that, I believe, should be re-emphasized.1.NCCC Insurance – No matter if you are an Auto Crosser or a Cruiser (or both), it is important to understand our insurance.  As pointed out at the Feb. meeting, a 10 Point Guideline that outlines each step and FAQs and forms is conveniently located in two places on our website homepage:Go to Links, NCCC sites, NCCC Insurance Guidance Or, Members Only, NCCC Insurance Guidance.

  If you couldn’t make the Feb. 15th meeting, we will have our first Charity event of 2016 called “Purses & Bags for the Homeless.”  Janice Geng and JoAnn Chovan have worked hard on the project and all the information is located on page 12 of the March Tiresmoke edition on our website.  If you don’t have a bag, bring the items in a plastic bag and we will place the items in a fabric bag for you.  We hope to fill several boxes to be delivered to the Nashville Rescue Mission.  Let’s show our Nashville Corvette Club charitable spirit and fill all the boxes.Thanks and let’s have a great 2016!! 

Here is a link to the video Scott Myers made while our Team Nashville participated at the Track X event held at the National Corvette Museum's Motorsports Park 2-27-2016

Some fun was had By the membership Visiting Lane Motor Museum. 2-27-2016


Nothing draws more attention than a few Corvettes easily cruising down the road, but when there are 30 or 40, everyone stops, admires and takes pictures with there IPhones.  Such was the case this past Saturday during the Valentine’s Day Cruise to Henry Horton State Park. I don’t believe there is another production car that draws more envious stares than Corvettes.  It has all the attributes:  Great looks, advanced technology, reasonable affordability and breathe taking speed.

    Racing and competition are in the DNA of the Corvette when Zora Arkus-Dontov had a vision in the mid 1950s that the Corvette was born to compete on a world stage.  His outrageous goal of 1 horsepower per cubic inch was the “shot across the bow” to all car manufacturers that Corvette means speed.

    Like Shrimp is to Bubba Gump and the Rolling Stones are to Rock ‘n Roll, the Corvette is synonymous with speed and the completion of Mr. Duntov’s dream.  When I look back on my journey down the Corvette road (I bought my first Vette in 1968), I didn’t know the history of the vehicle.  I now know and it only enhances my love for Corvettes. We have well over 200 beautiful prized cars in the Nashville Corvette Club and they each have a story, a dream, a passion and the completion of the desire to own the car that embodied the true American Sports Car. How can it be possible that a car that started its life with a Chevy Blue Flame 6 cylinder truck engine and an almost invisible budget have evolved into the world class car that it is today. It only gives rise to history of Corvette and it’s survival of numerous trips to the GM chopping block. Thank goodness, the GM Corporate heads came to their senses and saved our beloved dream cars. 

Be safe and let’s enjoy Zora Dontov’s vision. 

Dave Logue

Winter – Take a Hike 

We all hate these long, dark, cold days between Christmas and spring.  Judy and I were grocery shopping this week and I was wearing one of my Corvette Sweatshirts, and a gentleman who was stocking the shelves asks if I had driven my car that day.  Sadly, I had to say no because it was not a good Corvette kind of day.  It was a cold, cloudy and misty day and just not a day to enjoy the pleasure of driving a Corvette. The New Year’s count down has started for our first events of the year.  Sunday, January 24 will be our “Have It My Way Rally” hoisted and organized by George Kimble.  This is always a fun event and if you know George, it’s designed to be fun.  Following that, is our annual Valentine’s Day Cruise on the scenic back roads of Tennessee to Henry Horton State Park hoisted and organized by Butch and Janice Geng.  This is always a special and fun cruise. So, winter, take a hike!  It’s time for the NCC to put the horsepower on the streets and have some fun.    Dave Logue




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