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Whether you enjoy cruising down the back roads, shining up for a car show, or hitting the track, or turning a wrench on a big block, our club will suit all your needs! 


For The President:The universal theme that brings us all into the NCC is our love for the high performance, advanced technology and beauty of the American Dream Car called Corvette.  When Harley Earl came up with the idea and Zora Duntoff put the crowning horsepower touch to the Vette, it became the world class icon of sports car.  Now, the car tells you everything it needs or you need.  What is there not to love, after all, the list is endless.

But what if it could tell you things like; " look what the birds left on my hood;" or " you let a mini-van pass us;" or "the accelerator is that pedal on the far right."  If our cars could talk, they would tell us its time to get out of the garage and get shined up because April is the start of Auto Crossing, Road Trips Cruises and Car Shows.  They should know, Zora bred it into our Corvettes.  There are lots of events coming up in April and May...check out the upcoming events link above on the website.  Have fun and Save the Wave! Thanks, Dave


Now that we are closer to normal spring weather in Middle Tennessee, it is time to get out and enjoy the cars we all love and drive on those beautiful back roads that we also love.  When we signed up for the Mystery Cruise, we found out late that Judy had to work, so my son, David, joined me for the cruise.  This was his 3rd cruise with NCC and he loves the events and the wonderful members.  He tells me that he is not at the financial plateau yet to afford a Vette but he loves going with me as the next best thing…plus he refused to let me buy his lunch; life is good. To follow up with the “Cruise to Leiper’s Fork,” the NCC sponsored an Autocross this past weekend (March 28-29) and what a fun weekend at the Nashville Speedway.  This is just in From Ron Jarrell Lots of our club members drove in the event and did well and other members (like me) worked the event.  We also had out of state pro level drivers who knew how to push their Vettes to the max.  You gotta love the smell of high octane fuel fumes and rubber!! Dave Logue


It has often been said that “Nothing changes until something changes” and “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”  I think that both these phrases describe the Nashville Corvette Club.  We have new officers and committee chairman this year and several experienced officers remain in their leadership roles to provide the stability which promotes a healthy club. Last year, we experienced growth in our membership, but also a reduction in membership at the end of the year.  This routine has repeated itself year after year due to numerous reasons.  We are again seeing a steady growth in new membership and those new members bring a new energy and level of involvement.  Those qualities represent a refreshing spirit to the NCC and ensure its growth and prominence in the NCCC.  Success breeds success, so keep up the good work. 

Dave Logue

by GJK OMG...It was sunshine and beautiful 70 degree Spring Time Weather! Sunday noonish, went to the Hunters show btw... driving my favorite Corvette Top Down (indecent as hell) of course dah!!!  gotta represent right? and tried to recruit all the Corvette owners who were displaying. Saw a neat bunch of cars and generally enjoyed the walk about . I know DH could of swooned all day over the MOPAR cars there and Ms. NV could be NVUS of the Rustangs showing off. But the best of show for me was that 1967 Shelby Cobra Daytona. Boing!  What on the Corvette page? Shame on George!

 Whoa there sharp shooter!... we have our own awesome adventure on the calendar.  Running those gears through their appointed rounds and dodging those pointed headed thingies in the middle of the tarmac. (Secret: no Cobras running here) March 28-29 is going to be a screaming hair pulling show down for early dominance on the pylon (SE Region TotemPole). Hello!... are we seeing east tn & the atl and even baby plat trying to own our region? They Gaming us? What's up wid dat!? APB ! That is what I'm screaming we gotta do our thing right!
and Dave says, "I have been a Corvette owner on and off since 1968 including some very traditional cars including a sleek C2 convertible to a fire breathing big block 427 that only got 9 MPG's but the earth surrendered under it's tires. The years that I was not a Corvette owner was the years that Judy and  were going to dance and violin recitals to baseball and soccer games to college move in days to college graduation."  One must ask themselves; How Much fun was that? Where did the years go. How come I'm not knocking the bottom out of it? Now is my time!
Low time = happy man!
Dave continues, "I think that we are all just a little sick of the snow and ice....shoveling snow and ice is a poor substitute for driving our cars. I think that even my Vette has a major case of "Garage Fever", but we will soon make up for loss time. Earlier this past week during one of the many special reports about the rotten weather, one of the Reporters was at a wrecker tow in yard. Of course they were showing all the damaged cars and eventually the camera scanned it's way to a C5 that had wrecked on the icy roads, but to add insult to injury, it had marginal tire tread"  (shaved tires for autocross? no doubt). Immediately, I had two thoughts......."What was he thinking" and, "I wonder if he would like a Do Over" maybe he gets a better time on his next run!" Life is what living does!
 Spring can't get here soon enough! Dave Logue as edited by GJK

The Christmas Tree Lights have cycled from

 Yellow Yellow Yellow to GREEN!

Reaction time is burning!   Let's Go! 

OMG-Spring is Almost Here!

Spring is only 35 or so days away, which means but one thing to the members of the Nashville Corvette Club, and that is... it's time to dust off those fiberglass beauties and get ready for the road trips.  Hopefully, if you're like me, the car has been checked out by your local Vette Doctor and has received the "all clear" for the spring and summer events. The Valentine's Day Cruise to Montgomery Bell State Park, which is one of the state's crown jewel parks, is a great way to kick off the Cruising Season.  There are about 25+ cars that will make the drive on the beautiful back roads of Tennessee.   It will be a gorgeous site for all the people along the route.  The colors of all those "Vettes" will be spectacular. Dave

New Member – Shared Excitement

Two of our new members, Richie and Doye Worrell, who just joined NCC in December of 2014 and own a classic 1977 Coupe, had been browsing the internet for a C5 with low mileage and in good condition.  Richie found his dream car in Houston, TX; 58k miles, clean car fax, new tires, automatic and a dealer ready to “deal.”  The deal was cut, the transportation arrangements made, and the new arrival was set for delivery at 7:30 pm Saturday night. 

A small group of NCC members caravanned to the delivery point and surprised Richie and Doye to share in their excitement.  We all arrived at the MAPCO on I-24 at precisely the same time.  Even the driver of the car hauler was excited to see the group of shiny Vettes greeting him and his precious cargo.  The door dropped on the 45’ hauler and there it was – the car.  The C5 roared to life and backed down the ramps to cheers and a couple sets of teary eyes.  

After fueling their car (following a minor glitch), Richie and Doye invited everyone to their house for snacks and refreshments.  A special thanks to Tom Bible (NCC’s version of “Go Go Gadget”) for resolving the glitch.  Congratulations Richie and Doye and we wish you many miles of happy motoring in your beautiful red C5. Dave Logue NCC President

                                                                                                              The 2015 NCC New Year is off to a full throttle start with new Board members and with a new spirit of involvement and focus on Club activities for all members.  We Started the New Year with the first ever "Have It Your Way;" No, it’s not a McDonald's spin off event.  It’s the brain child of George Kimble where there is no judging, no trophies, no awards, and no best in class and no pressure.  It’s left up to the individual to show or shine; cruise to beautiful homes; participate in a rally; or numerous other events.  It was lots of fun for everyone.  The cost is $20.00 per car and all proceeds went into the Charity Funds.  What a great way to start the New Year.  It was great seeing all of you there! Dave Logue NCC President


This Jan 17th,weekend several members were helping out at the new National Corvette Museum track. Check out the event on the NCM web site Here:


Thirty Three Members and Guest Celebrated the Holiday Season driving their Corvettes in the Gallatin Tennessee Christmas Parade. It was a lot of fun and after the parade the members retired to a cozy get together at the Long Horn. What a great way to meet new members and rekindle old friendships. Let's go Corvette Driving


We had a great turn out for our Holiday and Awards Party. There was much to be appreciated as the membership honored all the hard work done this year by the members. Assuring our Nashville Corvette Club had so much fun during our 2014 Master Membership Season. We all appreciated the work and leadership of Don Hoffmeister as president and all the officers who supported his efforts. Also those behind the scenes planners fixing the menus, the venues and curvy road drives. It has been a Nashville Corvette Club Team work season. Now we are embarking upon a new and wonderful Corvette Adventure. You can be a part of this by participating in all the activities being planned for the membership this year. The best way to have fun is join in! Don't be shy! We all had to be a rookie once. We are certain if you come out and play your Corvette experience  will be fun!

You can see photos of the Merriment on our events page. Be sure to look at the Recap 2014 video. Check out our Calendar and go to the Agenda of Events to sign up for exciting Corvette activities. Maybe cruise to a car show or just to dinner. Rev up your motor at a Regional Autocross. Test and tune your machine on the drag strip. Just come meet the folks who are enjoying the Corvette as it was supposed to be. "America's Sports Car"


 While many of us were biting off some turkey and smashing some spuds others of us were Biting our lips and smashing down on the accelerator or brake pedals as we ran High Speed at Roebling Road this Holiday weekend. The weather was as good as a racer could hope for! (sunny and 74 degrees) Some took in the sites of Savannah Georgia as a respite from the racing excitement. The Wet Willies Tropical Drinks made some folks very happy. While more sedate members took in the special exhibit of Dante's Inferno at the SCAD Museum of Art, Georgia's most renowned art gallery. Pictures can be seen on the Events Page as usual.


There are lots of activities the rest of the year. Plan to attend as many as you can. We elected new  Officers at the November's meeting. Master Membership Points are awarded and the 2014 season has ended. Remember we are starting a whole new agenda.  Our November 1st Master Membership Kick off turn out was great. We had members: Autocross, Cruise to a winery and donate some time for NCM. What a beautiful way to start the new season.  I want to thank all our members for their participation in the Veterans Day Parades in Franklin and Nashville. This a way to Thank our Country's service Woman and Men for their contribution to our charished freedom.

Then we had that beast all tuned up and ready to rumble out at the fairgrounds for the Annual National Council of Corvette Clubs Southeast Regional Autocross. If you don't think our members are having fun ask one that autocrossed at the fairgrounds on Sunday in the rain. Yahoo!! that was exciting! We watched as our members competed with the best Corvettes in the National points chase. Many were competing for the coveted National Championship.


 We have many more exciting adventures for our members to enjoy. Please check in here often. Sign up for a Regional Event like SE Regions High Speed down in Savannah Ga. or Huntsville Ala. Become tuned up at our membership meetings on the second Monday @ 6:30PM Freeland Chevrolet on Hickory Hollow Parkway.

   Contact our Event Coordinator


Feel free to browse around. Check out some of the Event Photos from recent events. Our Award Winning Newsletter always has great articles and Corvette information!
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