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For The NCC President:

2016 in the Mirror 

As I reflect back on 2016 in the rear mirror, the Nashville Corvette Club had another full and pleasurable calendar of events.  Beginning with our breakout event in January (Have it George’s Way), we were all suffering with cabin fever and ready to get our Vettes out of the garage and play.  It’s been a full year!  NCC members participated in over 30 events and many more events that were not on our calendar.  The events that a high percentage of our members participated in were cruises, parades, shows, auto crosses and charitable events.  All these events form the basic fundamentals that form the mission of NCC.We were also fortunate to receive several individual and Club Awards from NCCC.  Several of our autocrossers received National Awards for their competition points, one member received the People’s Choice award for his 1959 Vette and our own newsletter (Tiresmoke) received the top award as the “Best Publication” in the nation.  Congratualtions to all the recipients and journalist.

NCC also was faced with the task of finding a new venue for our monthly meetings and dealer sponsor.  As a result of the search, Serra Chevrolet was selected by the unanimous vote of our NCC Board.  

During November, we elected officers for 2017.  The two month nomination and candidate speeches culminated on November 14 in accordance our Club Bylaws.  With also most 100 of our members casting votes (this is almost 60% of our membership) that was an encouraging sign that our NCC members are truly involved in the direction of our Club. 

We conclude our 2016 events with our last autocross of the year (Dec 10 & 11) at Twin Fountain Raceway, and our annual Christmas Party at the Hermitage Golf Course (Dec 12).  I think that you will agree that 2016 has been a very busy year for the Nashville Corvette Club.  Thanks to all our members for a great year and I am looking forward to another great year in 2017.Happy

Holidays to Everyone.

Dave Logue President NCC

  Team Nashville Competitors In Savannah GANovember November 26-27th

November Meeting attended by 80 Corvette Club Enthusiast.


I think that there are certain cliché’s that fit any possible occurrence or circumstance in life.  Such is the case with the current situation we find ourselves in at NCC since the management group at Freeland Chevrolet decided to convert our meeting room into office cubicles.  I’m sure their decision was strictly a business decision but I believe they didn’t weight all the possible fall out both personal and professional.

One cliché would be, “When life gives you Lemons, Make Lemonade.”  Sure we may have lost our meeting venue, but all the indicators point to a much better venue with more modern amenities.  Another cliché is that, “When one door closes, A window is opened.”  This unforeseen circumstance has given us the opportunity to search for a better and safer venue where we can start a stronger and longer lasting relationship far into the future.  My final cliché is, “Every cloud has a Silver Lining,” and I believe we will emerge from this temporary inconvenience with flying colors.

Once this momentary lapse fades into 2016 history, the Nashville Corvette Club will be off at warp speed into 2017 with a fresh new Board of Officers and a new welcoming venue.  I’m very optimistic about next year with no reservations and no glances in the rear view mirror. 

Dave Logue

NCC President

Some Team Nashville Corvettes at Decator ALA


I have to admit that I have been a fan of the Corvette long before I was able to afford one of the fiberglass beauties.  I met a guy in 1965 who owned a 1964 Corvette Convertible who lived, breathed and worshiped the brand.  I would spend the next 3 years of my life with him as a member of the U. S. Army.  He constantly talked about them, had pictures of them and even had a sales catalogue that he read until he wore it out.  He was older than me and was from a privileged family who bought him the car just prior to our meeting.  I was envious to say the least.

    I saved every available dollar form Uncle Sam for 3 years in order to satisfy the urge that my friend planted in me.  I remember getting up in the middle of the night just to look at my first car, under the street light, thinking “it isn’t a dream; I do own a Corvette.”  My passion was kindled by a dear friend who was later killed in a car wreck but he left me with an almost uncontrolled passion for Corvettes.  That passion has not changed over the last 50 years and now I share that passion with all the fellow members of the Nashville Corvette Club and all the fellow enthusiast who follow us on our NCC website across the country and even overseas.  Admittedly, it’s a tough task, but I’m proud to be part of that wonderful task.

 Dave Logue NCC President

Getting It done at NCM MSP Team Nashville 4th of July

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