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Whether you enjoy cruising down the back roads, shining up for a car show, or hitting the track, or turning a wrench on a big block, our club will suit all your needs! 



For The President: Changing Times 

As we progress thru life, there are very few things we can escape, like taxes, traffic, old age and the changing complexion of the automobile market.  Who would have thought a few years ago that we would have a new car manufacturer creating such an impact on the auto industry like Tesla?  Likewise, we all knew the auto industry was at over capacity and the term bail out affected us all.  The disappearance of brands like Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Saturn and Hummer vanished from the auto landscape.

    The continuous explosion of automobiles from the Asian and European markets forced the “Big 3” to re-focus on quality, fuel efficiency, design and the shifting tastes of young car buyers away from the domestic brands.  But the pressures of competition and the market shift have been healthy for the market.  The manufacturing migration from the rust belt to the sun belt as well as the fact that the Gen X and Millenials don’t drive the same vehicles as their parents are a direct result of this shift. 

   Now the internet has erupted with the news of the ZR1 (Zora) mid-engine Corvette and “Wowza”, what a looker.  Even my millennial son is excited about the new changes even though he owns a BMW and a Toyota, he also shares my excitement about the mid-engine change.  I can’t wait to see the finished product, after all, “nothing changes, until something changes,” and the Corvette is doing exactly that. 

         P.S…the first two mid-engine Corvettes for this region have already been ordered from a local dealership for two guys in Hendersonville sight unseen. 

Dave Logue

NCC President


 We did some really quick "Precision Driving:" at the Beautiful Twin Fountains Raceway Park! Martin Workman made contact with a photographer, Don Mitchell of, Here is a link to a web page and You can read Don Mitchells story about Nashville Corvette Club here:

To See all the picture Don took with his very nice camera follow this photo bucket link

Thanks Martin for the hook up! We will post more photos as the membership send them in please enjoy! GJK


  You can’t argue with cool weather, hot Corvettes and hot catfish.

Here is a link to the video Scott Myers made while our Team Nashville participated at the Track X event held at the National Corvette Museum's Motorsports Park 2-27-2016

Some fun was had By the membership Visiting Lane Motor Museum. 2-27-2016





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