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Whether you enjoy cruising down the back roads, shining up for a car show, or hitting the track, or turning a wrench on a big block, our club will suit all your needs! 


For The NCC President: Change over complacencyChange over CChange is ever moving forward and complacency ensures that things are satisfactory and no change is necessary.  We could also call change as planned obsolescence.  Our country elects a President every 4 years and the Congress and Senate are also elected or re-elected based on job performance or voter opinion on the need for change.  Imagine if Corvette, HP, Apple or Samsung decided that new designs or technology were not needed.  But in a world of change, complacency can’t survive. 

NCC has moved into a new venue at Serra Chevrolet, celebrated the coming of 2017, elected a new Board and we will be making changes and improvemnts as a Club.  Without changes, NCC would quickly become a third rate Corvette Club but if we continually improve or change, we would continue to be one of the top Clubs withing NCCC.  We have already made subtle changes in NCC in the first month of 2017 and more changes will be made to address the needs of our demanding membership. 

I am very optimistic about 2017 and celebrate our long history as one of the top Corvette Clubs in the nation.  We don’t have to be one of the largest Clubs in the nation, geography works against us there but our focus will be on positive change and engagement of our members.   

We will continue to build on our successes and minimize our weaknesses and strive to be the award winning Club our predicessors set forth for us.

A Happy and Prosperous New Year to everyone.  Dave Logue, NCC Presidentgue

2016 has flashed past me as fast as a Z06 goes from 0 to 200 MPH.  The Nashville Corvette Club has enjoyed countless miles of scenic cruises on the beautiful back roads of Tennessee to popular dining destinations, historic sites, holiday parades, many local and regional autocross events, car shows and charitable events.  I know the term “Time passes fast when you are having fun” because this year has flown by and is essentially history.

Our Club had many of its members who received National Awards for excellence by NCCC and our Club newsletter, Tiresmoke, received the top award among all NCCC Clubs for its content and excellence.  None of these awards could be possible without the participation of our immensely talented members.  On a monthly basis, I have the pleasure to look out at our members who attend the Club meetings and observe the attention levels as each of our Board Members present their information.  It is that level of attention that directly translates to overall NCC event attendance.

Now it’s the time of year when we store our fiberglass beauties away for the winter being careful to exercise our horses only when weather permits, because after all, spring is only 90 days away.  Please enjoy the season and look optimistically to another exciting event filled 2017. Dave Logue NCC President

Where has the year gone?  It just doesn’t seem possible that on January 31st we started 2016 with the “Have it George’s Way” and now we just ended the year with the Annual Christmas Party and Awards Presentation.  I have heard nothing but positive comments about the Party and the quality of the meal and warm atmosphere.  What a great ending to 2016!!      Judy and I have been feverishly wrapping gifts like good little elves because our beautiful tree looked as bare as Charlie Brown’s tree.  Even our dog Murphy has been lying around the gifts being careful not to crush any bows.  We will be leaving on Christmas Day to drive over to the Mountains to celebrate Christmas in Gatlinburg with the entire family.  I can’t think of a more beatuful place on earth to spend Christmas than the Smokey Mountains!                                        Christmas is the time of year that we reflect on the significance and joys of the holidays.  Growing up the youngest child of two depression and World War II era parents, our Christmas was meager and generally looked upon as “just another day.”  I made a solemn promise to myself that I would not continue that tradition; I would celebrate Christmas and keep it as the joyous season it is.  A Merry Christmas can’t be defined by the amount of money spent or the number of gifts under the tree but by the joy of the spirit.                                                                                                       The club has experienced a few turbulent challenges this year, but as Sandi Jones once said:  “It’s just a club and nothing else.”  We all enjoy the friendships, relationships and fellowship of the Club.  We all are individuals whose sole defining DNA link is our love of Corvettes not how we choose to use them or enjoy them; it’s only a club and not a occupation.  I think the emotion of Al Bennett’s acceptance speech after winning the Sue McGee Spirit Award at the Christmas Party speaks volumes about our love of the NCC and its members.  Although Al’s message may not have been intended to be so emotional, it left us all keenly aware of the importance of our Club’s relationships.From our family to yours, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.  Embrace the spirit of Christmas and toast to a Happy and Prosperous New Year.  Dave Logue NCC President

  Team Nashville Competitors In Savannah GA November November 26-27th

November Meeting attended by 80 Corvette Club Enthusiast.

Some Team Nashville Corvettes at Decator ALA


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