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Whether you enjoy cruising down the back roads, shining up for a car show, or hitting the track, or turning a wrench on a big block, our club will suit all your needs! 

For The NCC President:

All of us who are members of the Nashville Corvette Club think that we are a Club of enthusiast who are very passionate about Corvettes and the interactions of our members.  With a membership of over 200 members, NCC ranks as one of the larger Clubs in the Region and Nation.  Our members enjoy a schedule of events ranging from cruises to Tennessee’s most picturesque distinctions, car shows/cruise ins and Auto Crosses. 

At one of our meetings our VP of Membership and Social Media, Chip Mezger, pointed out that there are NCC likes and followers from 49 countries.  My first thoughts were service members deployed around the world, but that’s not the case.  Certainly, there may be a few but one has to acknowledge that the Nashville Corvette Club is doing all the right things to not only promote our Club as well as NCCC, but for all Corvette enthusiast around the world.  After all, I became a Corvette enthusidast 50 years ago while in the military and my passion for the first American Sports Car has not changed with time.  I have owned 5 of the 7 generations of Corvettes and loved every one of them. 

If you follow NCC on social media, thank you for your loyalty, but if you’re not yet a Corvette owner, my advice would be to follow your dream and become an owner.  You will not regret your decision.  Become part of the Corvette Wave!! 

Dave Logue NCC President

Team Nashville At Putnam Park Raceway Indiana


Our Society and those of most developed or developing countries around the world is built around figures, statistics, engineering, and data.  Every occupation uses the collection of data from agriculture to aerospace.  We project election winners based on percentages from crop yields to livestock prices to oil production based on data collection.

NFL drafts are based on size, strength, speed but also how best an individual will fit into a program.  Our own Tennessee Titans now have a young strong team because of data collection, data interpretation and an action plan based on accurate figures.

Nashville Corvette Club is no different…our current membership is at the 185-190 range and typically reaches the 200 mark by year end.  Certainly, there are bigger Clubs, but a large Corvette Club doesn’t always relate to a successful Club.  Once again, we should use facts and figures to develop Our Corvette Club's successes.

NCC has the number 1 rating as having the top newsletter (Tiresmoke) out of all the 240 Club’s that make up NCCC.  That top rating is not a recent success.  Our newsletter has consistently ranked in the top 5-6 and continues to be the benchmark among NCCC member clubs.

Our Facebook page is another highlight for NCC.  We have over 800 likes per month from 46 countries around the world.  With over 240 NCCC clubs nationwide, Nashville Corvette Club ranks 17th in membership size.  We rank 9th nationally in club points and 1st in the Southeastern Region. These are all impressive rankings from one Club.

Finally, of equal importance, NCC is honored and extremely fortunate to have 3 of our members serving as leaders within the Nationl Council of Corvette Clubs.  They are Amelia Workman (NCCC VP of Membership), Martin Workman (NCC Governor to NCCC) and George Kimble (NCCC SE Regional Membership Director).  You all honor us as members and for your presence at NCCC. Dave Logue, President of Nashville Corvette Club

2017 has started with a bang.  Our first time ever Winter Social felt more like a Spring Social with temps in the 60s and sunny skies in January.  Over 60 members were present with everyone providing an entrée and a dessert and there was no shortage of food.  There were 5 different kinds of chili and there was almost nothing left over.  Originally, we had planned to play board games but that quickly changed when it was obvious that members were enjoying warm weather and fellowship.  Our thanks to Doris Wyatt and Patricia Thompson for their efforts with planning – Wow – what a fun day! We celebrated Valentine’s Day with our annual Valentine’s Day Cruise to Montgomery Bell State Park.  Historically, this is our most attended event for the year.  The 2017 annual cruise once again was an overwhelming successful event.  We had 41 beautiful, shiny Corvettes parade through the breathtaking back roads of Middle Tennessee.  Few words can describe the rural scenery, deer, wild turkeys, and even long horn cattle.

However, there are even fewer words that can describe or capture the looks and admiring smiles as two seemingly endless lines of colorful Corvettes adding additional beauty to the pristine scenery of Tennessee.  Thanks to Butch and Janice Geng for their planning and hard work and to Ken and Pam Hoffman for leading one of our groups as well.

I will quote Charlie Daniels during his annual Volunteer Jam with his fellow celebrity Entertainers; “Ain’t It Great to Be Alive and Living in Tennessee?”  but I will add to his quote by saying, “And Driving Our Beautiful State in A Corvette?”  We are all truly blessed. Dave Logue NCC President

Change over complacencyChange over CChange is ever moving forward and complacency ensures that things are satisfactory and no change is necessary.  We could also call change as planned obsolescence.  Our country elects a President every 4 years and the Congress and Senate are also elected or re-elected based on job performance or voter opinion on the need for change.  Imagine if Corvette, HP, Apple or Samsung decided that new designs or technology were not needed.  But in a world of change, complacency can’t survive. 

NCC has moved into a new venue at Serra Chevrolet, celebrated the coming of 2017, elected a new Board and we will be making changes and improvemnts as a Club.  Without changes, NCC would quickly become a third rate Corvette Club but if we continually improve or change, we would continue to be one of the top Clubs withing NCCC.  We have already made subtle changes in NCC in the first month of 2017 and more changes will be made to address the needs of our demanding membership. 

I am very optimistic about 2017 and celebrate our long history as one of the top Corvette Clubs in the nation.  We don’t have to be one of the largest Clubs in the nation, geography works against us there but our focus will be on positive change and engagement of our members.   

We will continue to build on our successes and minimize our weaknesses and strive to be the award winning Club our predicessors set forth for us.

A Happy and Prosperous New Year to everyone.  Dave Logue, NCC President

  Team Nashville Competitors In Savannah GA November November 26-27th

A meeting at Serra Chevrolet

Some Team Nashville Corvettes at Decator ALA


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