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Enjoy cruising down the back roads, shining up for a car show, or hitting the track, or turning a wrench on a big block, our club will suit all your needs! 



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For The President: Winter – Take a Hike 

We all hate these long, dark, cold days between Christmas and spring.  Judy and I were grocery shopping this week and I was wearing one of my Corvette Sweatshirts, and a gentleman who was stocking the shelves asks if I had driven my car that day.  Sadly, I had to say no because it was not a good Corvette kind of day.  It was a cold, cloudy and misty day and just not a day to enjoy the pleasure of driving a Corvette. The New Year’s count down has started for our first events of the year.  Sunday, January 24 will be our “Have It My Way Rally” hoisted and organized by George Kimble.  This is always a fun event and if you know George, it’s designed to be fun.  Following that, is our annual Valentine’s Day Cruise on the scenic back roads of Tennessee to Henry Horton State Park hoisted and organized by Butch and Janice Geng.  This is always a special and fun cruise. So, winter, take a hike!  It’s time for the NCC to put the horsepower on the streets and have some fun.    Dave Logue

The Nashville Corvette Club enjoyed a very productive and fun filled 2015 with over 120 events from cruises to car shows; auto crosses to parades; train excursions to the Tail of the Dragon; and NCCC National Convention to vineyards.  The Congressional Medal of Honor Parade through downtown Nashville reflected NCC’s patriotism to our National Treasured Heroes, but all the beautiful shiny Corvettes were not the center of attraction, our heroes were.

 We look forward to 2016 with the full optimism of yet another busy event calendar.  I am sure that all of our dedicated NCC will be more than ready to meet the challenges of the New Year.

 On behalf of the Board and Committee Chairs, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

 Dave Logue

NCC President

We are very rapidly evolving from fall into winter when we have less daylight and more darkness.  We have more overcast and rainy days and fewer brilliant sunshine which means that the NCC will have fewer ideal days for cruises or autocrosses. 

However, Saturday (Nov. 14) was one of those rare but perfect fall days when approximately 50 NCC members cruised the scenic back roads of Tennessee and Kentucky to Patti’s 1880 Settlement at the Land Between the Lakes.  The food was excellent and the fellowship wonderful.  Thanks to Mike Venable, VP of Activities for his hard work to make it a perfect cruise. 

Thanksgiving is less that two weeks away and I am sure everyone is busy planning their meals and making room for out of town guests.  Days of planning, preparation and cooking will go into that perfect meal.  We have so many blessings in life, so we all should give thanks for family, friends and let’s also remember our Service members and those less fortunate. Join me while I Wish, our traveling members, good roads, the band of Autocrossers of Team Nashville carrying our banner to the "SouthEast Region High Speed Events at Roebling Road", Savannah Ga safe victorius tidings. Be safe and Happy Thanksgiving,  Dave

As the days grow shorter and the nights suddenly have a chill that indicates winter is around the calendar corner, the NCC has turned up the heat on activities.  The Touch of Gold Car Show was a huge success with credit going to more members than I can mention, but the Downing’s (Gary and Joyce), can take more than casual credit for the success.The 4 day cruise to Hidden Mountain brought out 56 NCC members to enjoy one of the last of the season’s major events.  The drive over to the Resort was spectacular, especially when the admiring eyes of hundreds of on lookers stared in envy.  The NCC took part in the Guinness Record Breaking cruise on the “Tail of the Dragon.”  Over 500 Corvettes, all nose to tail, snaked their way on the 11 mile and 318 curves and hairpin corner’s of the Dragon.  We actually drove it twice…and, oh yeah, it was very challenging but oh so cool!!! Another cruise coming up will take place on October 24th with the Fall Color Cruise on the beautiful back roads to Bedford County.  Yes, another spectacular and cool event!Dave 


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