Sue McGee Spirit Award

Sue McGee passed away on July 20, 2007.  Sue was a much loved and dedicated member of the Nashville Corvette Club for over 25 years.  The Sue McGee Spirit Award was established in 2007 to recognize a Nashville Corvette Club member who is a member in good standing that has devoted his/her time, energy, and resources to the betterment of the Club.  The Award seeks to honor the memory of Sue in a way that is consistent with her love, enthusiasm, and dedication to the Club, someone who has made consistent significant contributions to the Club, and someone who promotes the Club in a positive way to the surrounding community and to the Corvette community as a whole.  The recipient of the Award is selected in November of each year by secret ballot of club members in good standing. 

Past Recipients of the Sue McGee Spirit Award

2016 Sue McGee Spirit Award Winner is Al Bennett

George Kimble (2015)

Patricia and Pat Thompson(2014)

Butch Geng and Gary Jones (2013)

Sandi Jones (2012)
Ron Jarrell (2011)
Johnny Biffle (2010)
Zippy Vernogis (2009)
Deborah Jarrell (2008)
Amelia Workman (2007)