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We took delivery of our brand new (to us) 2017 Corvette Racing Yellow Grand Sport coupe last December 30, 2017. It was a cold, dreary, misty day – not good for pictures of our eleventh Corvette. So we waited several weeks for a Sunday that was sunny and above 32 degrees (for the summer tires) to take it out of the garage for it’s first visit with us to the National Corvette Museum. We knew just where we wanted to make the picture – in front of the “Living The Dream” billboard where Museum deliveries are made. We got it all positioned just where Billy wanted it (not an easy task with shadows making their way into the picture) when a lady came out of the Museum in a rush and asked if we’d mind moving our car. She had just promised another Museum visitor that she would make her picture with her car at the exact same place. The garage door came up, and a couple of guys came out of the Museum and walked over to our car as Billy was moving it. We all stood to the side with our car waiting for the lady to bring her car around for her picture. We waited . . . and waited . . . and finally a white Honda SUV pulled around and backed into the spot under the “Living the Dream” banner. The guys from the Museum looked at each other and then at us and then at the lady who had asked us to move our car and then one of them asked her “You moved this Corvette Grand Sport for that Honda?” Her face was bright red and she said “I didn’t know what kind of car she had, I thought it was a Corvette. I’m so sorry”. We assured her it wasn’t a problem, and she made the lady’s picture with her Honda. The Honda lady drove away happily as the lady from the Museum kept apologizing, and we repositioned our car with the help of the guys from the Museum, who, as it turned out, had come out to see our car anyway, and got the picture before the sun went down.